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Fastrack Microbial Feed Supplement


Fastrack Microbial *ALL NATURAL* Feed Supplement:
(contact me if you would like the ingredients to this product)
Links to this product being used on our farm:These first few links posted are for ALL Ruminant Animals, not just calves.
This link is for the equine which has been modified to be specialized for Equine animals.
This link shows what the product looks like if it's for ruminant or non ruminant animals.
A view of the hay inoculants: (reduces mold, and preserves proteins for up to 5 yrs, baling time cut in half, baling at a 23% moisture rate..this product is guaranteed by the company..environmentally safe, and safe for all livestock)
Fastrack is a product that I feed to all my livestock animals on a daily basis.  This product is designed for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine, and Poultry.  It comes in many forms. 
1. Fastrack Microbial powder. 
2. Fastrack Liquid dispersible (for large herds). 
3. Fastrack Gel (four types of gel, *jump start (ruminant), *ruminant gel, *Equine, and *NonRuminent Gel. 
Allow me to explain a little about the Fastrack product and what it does for your livestock. 
1.  It builds the immune system.  Helping to keep your Livestock's own natural immunity strong.
2.  It enhances the digestive system, so that your Livestock animal digests all it takes in.
3.  It conditions the hair coat, hooves, eyes, and other vital organs.
Supplementing Fastrack will help you to save on your vet bills; less illness's in your herd due to a higher immune level. 
Livestock fed Fastrack will better utilize all their feed intake.  Your livestock animal will digest all it takes in.  Requiring less to satisfy, and maintain your livestock animal.  Saving you in feed costs.
Fastrack conditions the coat, hooves, eyes and other vital organs. Allowing an over all healthier Livestock animal.
For all that are Dairy breeders, be it cattle or goats..the fastrack microbial feed supplement will increase your milk production on an average of 30%.  For those that are beef breeders, be it cattle or goats, Fastrack will produce on the average of 30% more milk in your lactating mother, thus raising your calf or Kid faster and healthier. 
I have fed this product since early 2004, to all my animals (livestock, horses, cats, dogs).  The Conklin Company manufactures a whole line of products.  All of which are Environmentally safe, and supplements are all natural. 
Animals products, (livestock, dog, and cat)
Household products, (laundry/cleaning supplies)
Human products, (vitamins and over health management, shampoo's, body washes, lotions)
Vehicle/Implement (oils, greases, hydraulic fluids)
Building products (paints, and so forth)
Hay inoculants
Weed Sprays
The Conklin products are obtained through a distributor only.  I have researched and experimented with this product and have adjusted to my specific herd animal the proper amounts to be used on each breed.  Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like further information regarding this product.  I am a Sales Manager for the Conklin Company and I would be happy to help you with any further information or questions you have regarding these products or this company.
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